Maine Criminal Defense

Maine Criminal Defense

Assault is any form of offensive physical contact or contact which causes injury to another person. Common examples of assaults are punching, hitting, and kicking, as well as grabbing onto another person’s arm or leg. Assault in Maine is a misdemeanor. However assault can become a more serious felony offense or even aggravated depending on […]

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Operating Under the Influence

OUI in Maine

You are driving home after a night out with friends. On the way out of town, you notice the traffic in front of you slowing down, and then come to a single lane moving at a snail’s pace. “Has there been an accident up ahead?” you might be wondering, but then you see a sign […]

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Proven Recent Results

In a client’s case, whom I will call Matt, was pulled over for suspected drunk driving.  The reason the police officer gave for pulling him over was that one of his license plate lights was out.  Operating a motor vehicle without all of your required lights functioning properly is a legitimate basis for a traffic […]

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Habitual Offender

Habitual Offender in Maine

We all know what a beautiful state Maine is. The best way to get out and about in Maine is to drive. We drive our kids to basketball and soccer practice. We drive to work. We drive to do grocery shopping. We drive because it is a uniquely American experience. While being able to drive […]

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Drug Crimes

Maine Drug Crimes

If you are caught growing marijuana in Maine, you will be charged with cultivating marijuana in Maine.  Despite changing attitudes towards marijuana, and despite the recent successes of local ordinances in Portland, Maine, and South Portland, Maine, the substance remains an illegal drug in Maine.  Without a medical marijuana prescription card, growing marijuana plants can […]

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Operating After Suspension

Maine Operating After Suspension

Unfortunately in the great state of Maine, the state does not excel at notifying people their Maine driver’s license was suspended.   You may be pulled over for a speeding and be surprised to find out you are driving on a suspended license. If you find yourself charged with an OAS, you should be aware that […]

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When facing the Criminal Court, you are bargaining with your freedom and future. It is on the table and at risk. You need a person who knows the specifics of the law, speaks legal jargon, and argues persuasively at Court. Contact my Firm and put your trust and confidence in the proven results and achievements of Attorney Chris A. Nielsen, Esq. & The Nielsen Group.

  • If you are accused of a Crime, I will fight to protect your freedom, future, and reputation.
  • If you have been harmed, I fight to hold those who are responsible accountable.
  • If you have made a bad decision, I fight to make it right.

Maine Criminal Defense Attorney’s Perspective


What is the fine for shoplifting in Maine?

The question (what is the fine for shoplifting in Maine?) is one I hear from many clients facing theft charges.  If convicted of a theft charge in Maine, they could face jail time in addition to a court fine, and perhaps even civil restitution on top of that. The answer to the question (what is […]


How do individuals become designated as Habitual Offenders?

This website contains a good deal of content pertaining to Maine driver’s license suspensions, as well as how dire the circumstances are for someone designated as a Habitual Offender, whose driver’s license is revoked.  As a reader, you might be wondering how do individuals become Habitual Offenders in the first place?  Here is the process […]

Maine OUI Sobriety Checkpoints

Maine OUI Sobriety Checkpoints

You are driving home after a night out with friends. On the way out of town, you notice the traffic in front of you slowing down, and then come to a single lane moving at a snail’s pace. “Has there been an accident up ahead?” you might be wondering, but then you see a sign […]

When must your Miranda rights be read?

When must your Miranda rights be read?

Often, I encounter clients who believe that since they had contact with law enforcement, that the police were required to read them their “Miranda Rights.” These clients declare loud and clear that none of the officers ever read them their Miranda Rights. Unfortunately, law enforcement is typically not required to read you your Miranda Rights, […]

  Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Maine

Domestic Violence Reckless Conduct in Maine is among the crimes categorized as a domestic violence-specific crime. Other crimes in this group are Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening, Domestic Violence Terrorizing and Domestic Violence Stalking. The District Attorney’s office and all Maine law enforcement take any domestic violence crime very seriously. The State has … [Learn More...]

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Maine Gun Rights

Maine Gun Rights

When one mentions hunting, fishing, and shooting sports, there isn’t a finer place to enjoy these activities than Maine. Maine has a significant outdoor tradition and Mainers are gun owners. Are you aware of your Maine Gun Rights?

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