Maine Criminal Defense

Maine Criminal Defense

Assault is any form of offensive physical contact or contact which causes injury to another person. Common examples of assaults are punching, hitting, and kicking, as well as grabbing onto another person’s arm or leg. Assault in Maine is a misdemeanor. However assault can become a more serious felony offense or even aggravated depending on […]

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Operating Under the Influence

OUI in Maine

If you are facing a charge of aggravated First Offense OUI with a CDL, you need to be aware of the impacts to your lifestyle. Aggravated First Offense OUI charges result in you facing a significant mandatory minimum fine, jail time and license suspensions.   If your blood alcohol level is above a 0.15, the 1st […]

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Proven Recent Results

People are familiar with the term “black box” in connection with airplanes. But many cars also have event data recorders (EDRs), or “black boxes.” EDRs can record a car’s speed, the crash severity (or the Delta V), engine throttle, seatbelt status, and whether or not brakes were applied. Why then are EDRs important to drivers? […]

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Habitual Offender

Habitual Offender in Maine

We all know what a beautiful state Maine is. The best way to get out and about in Maine is to drive. We drive our kids to basketball and soccer practice. We drive to work. We drive to do grocery shopping. We drive because it is a uniquely American experience. While being able to drive […]

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Drug Crimes

Maine Drug Crimes

This November 2014 election, marijuana initiatives were on the ballot in South Portland and Lewiston. The results from this vote were split between the two cities. Lewiston rejected the marijuana initiative. South Portland approved the marijuana initiative. What does this result mean for these two cities? And what does this result mean for future marijuana […]

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Operating After Suspension

Maine Operating After Suspension

Unfortunately in the great state of Maine, the state does not excel at notifying people their Maine driver’s license was suspended.   You may be pulled over for a speeding and be surprised to find out you are driving on a suspended license. If you find yourself charged with an OAS, you should be aware that […]

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When facing the Criminal Court, you are bargaining with your freedom and future. It is on the table and at risk. You need a person who knows the specifics of the law, speaks legal jargon, and argues persuasively at Court. Contact my Firm and put your trust and confidence in the proven results and achievements of Attorney Chris A. Nielsen, Esq. & The Nielsen Group.

  • If you are accused of a Crime, I will fight to protect your freedom, future, and reputation.
  • If you have been harmed, I fight to hold those who are responsible accountable.
  • If you have made a bad decision, I fight to make it right.

Maine Criminal Defense Attorney’s Perspective

Can an Assault Victim Sue for Medical Bills?

Can an Assault Victim Sue for Medical Bills?

I often hear this question (Can an Assault Victim Sue for Medical Bills?) from people who are facing assault charges. These people are concerned how severe the impacts are to a one time bad decision.To answer the question (Can an Assault Victim Sue for Medical Bills?), let’s start to examine what is considered an assault charge in Maine. What is an assault? An Assault charge in Maine is defined as any “offensive physical contact” upon another person. “Assaults” include punching, hitting, … [Learn More...]

Can I ever get my gun rights back after a domestic violence assault conviction?

Can I ever get my gun rights back after a Domestic Violence Assault Conviction?

I often hear this question (Can I ever get my gun rights back after a domestic violence assault conviction?) from people who had pled guilty to a domestic violence assault charge many years ago, and thus had lost their Second Amendment right to own or possess firearms. These people feel that the passage of time should make a difference, and that at some point they should be able to get their gun rights back. Sadly, this is not the case.The answer to the question (Can I ever get my gun … [Learn More...]


Is an arrest mandatory when police are called for domestic violence in Maine?

A simple argument escalated into a fight. The fight simply got out of hand. The police were called and two officers responded to the scene. Now you are wondering, Is an arrest mandatory when police are called for domestic violence in Maine?The question (Is an arrest mandatory when police are called for domestic violence in Maine?) is YES, in the State of Maine, it police policy that when police are called to respond to a potential domestic violence situation, that someone at the scene of the … [Learn More...]


Can I win my DUI at court but still lose my driver’s license?

I hear this question (Can I win my DUI at Court but still lose my driver’s license?) from clients facing drunk driving charges in Maine. This is a good question to ask, because this situation occurs more frequently than you might think.The answer to the question (Can I win my DUI at court but still lose my driver’s license?) is yes, it is possible for you to win your DUI case at the criminal court, but the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will still suspend your driver’s license. This is … [Learn More...]

  Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Maine

On November 19, 2014, Maine’s NPR News Source (MPBN) published an article about recent experiments with electronic monitoring of domestic violence (DV) defendants in Somerset County, Maine. As Maine has attempted electronic monitoring of domestic violence (DV)defendants in one county, it begs the question whether the State will implement electronic monitoring of domestic violence (DV) defendants … [Learn More...]

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Maine Gun Rights

Maine Gun Rights

When one mentions hunting, fishing, and shooting sports, there isn’t a finer place to enjoy these activities than Maine. Maine has a significant outdoor tradition and Mainers are gun owners. Are you aware of your Maine Gun Rights? The Second Amendment preserves the right to bear arms on the Federal level. There are certain situations […]

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  THE CHARGE Third Lifetime Offense OUI 0.21% breath test result
  THE RESULT Jury declared
client Not Guilty
of OUI.
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Habitual Offender

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  THE CHARGE Accused of carrying concealed weapon

Case Dismissed!

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  THE CHARGE Charged with OUI as a Minor 0.08% Breath Test

Case Dismissed!

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