What is a Maine OUI Defense Attorney?


In Maine, there are many types of OUI related charges.  All OUI charges should be taken very seriously because with a conviction, you can expect consequences.  Consequences ranges from jail time to community services.  To help you navigate the legal system, a Maine OUI Defense attorney can be most helpful.  The OUI process is complicated and confusing at time.  It also will take a considerable amount of your valuable time.  However an experienced Maine OUI defense attorney will help to build a defense and provide guidance on how to best proceed.  Some of the most common OUI related charges often seen are:

Maine OUI Defense Attorney - Chris A. Nielsen, Esq.

Maine OUI Defense Attorney – Chris A. Nielsen, Esq.

  • First OUI: If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or over and you have no prior OUI convictions, you will receive a OUI charge.  Unfortunately, the first time conviction has severe penalties give certain circumstances including license suspension, severe fines among other consequences.
  • Second OUI: If you have a BAC of .08% and you have one existing OUI conviction in the past 10 years, you will be charged with a 2nd OUI.
  • Third OUI: If you are stopped by police and found to have been driving with a BAC of .08% or higher and have 2 previous OUI convictions within the past 10 years, you will be charged with a 3rd OUI.
  • Multiple OUIs: For every existing OUI conviction you have had on your record in a 10 year period, each additional OUI charge will increase in severity.  The consequences of having multiple OUIS are very strict and can include years of license suspension and several months of jail time.  You may also be charged with a felony OUI.
  • OUI: Maine OUI charges can cover drugs as well as alcohol.  Prescription and sometimes even over the counter medications can bring about a Maine OUI Charge.  It is important to be aware, that the system used by police to determine and measure drug impairment is subjective.  Reviewing your case with a Maine OUI lawyer soon after arrest will help you determine your best course of action.
  • Out of State OUI:  Maine is a beautiful area and we are often visited by tourists.  If while vacationing in Maine, you are charged with a OUI, there may be impacts to your driving privileges at home.   A seasoned Maine OUI attorney can manage your case and even appear in a Maine court on your behalf.
  • Hit and Run OUI:  If you cause an accident or even property damage and leave the scene of the accident.  That is considered a hit and run.  If the police suspect you left the scene because you were under the influence at the time.  You may find yourself accused of OUI charges in addition to hit and run charges.
  • BUI:  Boating Under the Influence (BUI) also carries serious charges.  Drinking and Boating is not legal and may have impacts on your driving privileges.
  • OUI Injury: If you cause an accident where an injury or death resulted in Maine, and your BAC was at least .08% or higher the charges are severe.
  • OUI Fatality: If in the maine vehicle accident a person loses their life, and your BAC is at .08% or over, you will be accused of a OUI fatality.  Depending on the circumstances of the case, these charges have the ability to be very severe.
  • Commercial OUI:  If you hold a Maine commercial driver license and receive a OUI, you will be accused of a Maine Commerical OUI.  This can be the charge even if you were not working when the OUI arrest was made.  Your employment could be in jeopardy if you are convicted.
  • Felony OUI:  As stated earlier, several instance can result in a felony OUI charge.  It is wise to be aware that one you are convicted of a felony OUI, a line in the sand is drawn and all future Maine OUI charges will be considered felonies as well.  A felony conviction will remain on your criminal record and carries serious consequences.
  • Underage OUI: The legal drinking age in Maine is 21.  If you are under the legal drinking age in Main and stopped with a BAC of .01% or more, you will be charged with a Maine Underage OUI.  Given the consequences and impacts to your future, having a Maine OUI attorney review the case will help you determine your options.

A Maine OUI attorney should be familiar with the legal system and the charges.  They should help to advise you on different courses of action given the unique circumstances of your situation.

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