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Attorney Nielsen went above and beyond what we expected

“We were facing an OUI charge for my underage son.  When my son was charged with OUI, it was extremely difficult and stressful for our entire family.  Drinking and driving was not something that we took lightly.  I was shocked and disturbed, and it caused some mistrust in my son.  Thinking that my underage son had been charged with drinking and driving, I was horrified, because I knew that this would impact his future long-term.

We didn’t know anyone who had ever had an OUI before, and so we started looking online.  We started our search for OUI lawyers specifically for underage minors.  Attorney Nielsen’s website came up on the search engine and we read his website.  We were impressed with that we saw and read, and spoke with Attorney Nielsen extensively over the phone.  Having a good feeling that he would represent my son well, we went ahead and retained The Nielsen Group.

Since then, and with Attorney Nielsen legal help, my son has turned his life around.  Attorney Nielsen was instrumental in negotiating aggressively at the BMV Hearing to reduce my son’s license suspension.  His suspension could have been much longer because of the underage passengers in the car, but Attorney Nielsen made sure that did not affect my son negatively, which was a great thing.  A shorter suspension is not only good for our son, but good for us, too.  It was inconvenient having to drive my son everywhere, and my son was fortunate to have friends who could drive him to and from school.  Ultimately, we were happy with the outcome in our son’s case.  The charge against our son will be dismissed after a period of good behavior, which we are again confident that our son will accomplish.

Attorney Nielsen went above and beyond what we expected.  He set aside time to sit down with us to help my son answer his college application questions, as well as drafted a letter to the college administrator to clarify my son’s efforts.  I very much appreciated his efforts, as I am not good at writing that kind of stuff.  His services were very helpful, and I would definitely recommend Attorney Nielsen’s services to others. ” – M.T.

Supremely Confident in the Nielsen Group’s Global Performance

“I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of my daughter’s recent and extensive working with Attorneys Chris Nielsen and Cameron Ellis of the Nielsen Group.  My daughter lives in Maine (while I do not) and we retained Attorney Nielsen’s criminal defense expertise for an OAS and OUI charge after careful review of his website and discussion of my daughter’s case telephonically.

We have never met Attorney Nielsen in person, but his extensive knowledge of the law and up to the minute mastery of my daughter’s case facts were immediately evident.

Attorney Nielsen along with Attorney Ellis and their Office Manager, Shareen, are readily available to respond in a compassionate and detailed fashion. Attorney Nielsen’s approach with his clients is unparalleled.  His office strives to leave no question un-addressed, and they research in detail their case with indelible command of the facts.

I believe that their fierce work ethic, combined with the kindest of personality characteristics, were of paramount importance in Attorney Nielsen’s defense of our daughter’s case.   This allowed for a superior outcome that is most beneficial to our daughter’s future in moving forward in a clear and successful fashion.

Attorney Nielsen’s fee structure is simple to grasp and reasonable.  The Nielsen Group website is accurate, uncomplicated, and fairly represents the experiences we encountered.

I recommend without reservation The Nielsen Group for the execution and resolution of criminal defense cases, and we were supremely confident in the Nielsen Group’s global performance. ” – V.G.

Chris knew what he was up against & how he would handle it

“While coming from a wonderful rafting trip I got a Criminal Speeding ticket in Maine. The instance itself was scary, as I had no such speeding intentions, and the kind of words I heard from the cop was a nightmare. I could barely manage to drive back home under the pressure.

When I started looking at the internet for such cases I came across horrible stories & was very upset over the next two days thinking what I have done to deserve this. I knew in the days to come the impact would be felt on my personal life, family life & even my work which is true.

While looking for potential lawyers on the internet I came across the Nielsen Group & thought of giving it a shot. In the first call I had to briefly explain the incident to a Nielsen Group Associate, following which I talked to Chris Nielsen. That very call reduced my anxiety to a great extent as Chris knew what he was up against & how he would handle it.

During the course of resolution Chris & team were always available, kept on updating me regularly and always ears to any information I had. The only time I had to visit Maine was the final day when the resolution was arrived at court after a period of exactly 3 months from the date I got the ticket. Finally, a much awaited decision & I am totally satisfied with the outcome.

Value for money, extremely professional services, high availability, readiness to help & recommend always are some of the traits based upon which I would highly recommend Attorney Nielsen to anyone stuck in my kind of or even worse situations.

Thanks Nielsen Group & especially Chris ” – A.P.

With Attorney Nielsen’s help, I got a great outcome!

“I had pled guilty to an OAS charge without a lawyer, and the next thing I knew I was looking at going Habitual Offender. If I lost my license, I would have lost my profession, which requires a lot of travel. If I don’t have a car, I can’t get around at all. I have a good paying job, and I can’t risk losing it. I had to get help.

I found Attorney Chris Nielsen to be honest and thorough in explaining my circumstances to me. He helped me understand all the legal things that I did not really know. Attorney Nielsen went at my case by petitioning the court to withdraw my guilty plea to the OAS. Attorney Nielsen told me that I might lose because the court does not always let people do that. If I ever had a question that he did not have the answer to right away, he took the time to get the answer and actually called me back. He never gave me the run-around.

I was very happy and surprised when Attorney Nielsen got the court to withdraw my guilty plea and hear my OAS case again. With Attorney Nielsen’s help, I got a great outcome. My license went off of Habitual Offender, I got my license back, and my life could go on. His knowledge about the law and his honesty with my about my case helped me to trust him. He made his fees reasonable for me so that I could get the legal help I needed. On the whole, I felt that he really cared about me and how my life is affected. I would recommend The Nielsen Group to anyone.” – J.Z.

Hiring The Nielsen Group was well worth the investment

“This past summer I was facing a theft charge for petty shoplifting. I understood that the penalty would be a fine only. Overall, I was not worried about the fine amount, but the prospect of having a criminal charge on my record. A conviction would have been devastating. I feel that I might have been kicked out of school, and I could be overlooked for future career opportunities that require a special license.

In the past I had gotten in trouble before, and I really found that having a lawyer made a difference. Attorney Chris Nielsen helped me get oriented about the charge and some of the consequences that I was not aware of at the time. This was in stark contrast to what the police had told me; that my only option was to plead guilty. Attorney Nielsen made it clear to me that I had legal rights and alternatives to just pleading guilty. Weighing the costs of just paying the fine to paying a lawyer, I realized that pleading guilty would cost much more in the long run.

At Court, I got a much better result because I had a lawyer. The outcome involved community service and good behavior, and I would keep the charge off of my record, which was the most important thing to me. Hiring The Nielsen Group was well worth the investment. The legal fees were very reasonable, even as a student. I would definitely recommend Attorney Nielsen and The Nielsen Group to others. ”   -C.R.

He executed the plan, and it worked out very well

“I was charged with fishing without a license.  I tried to take care of it on my own at first, and then I got confused after Arraignment.  I tried to research the law on my own, but I could not find the right information I needed.  I heard about Attorney Chris Nielsen through a friend.  I was able to met with him promptly, and he came up with a plan of action.  He executed the plan, and it worked out very well.  The charge against me was filed, which is what I had wanted to have happen in the first place.  My fishing license is very important to me as an avid fisherman, and having the charge filed was important to preserve my professional license for my employment.  I would definitely recommend Attorney Chris Nielsen to anyone else in need of legal help.” – H. B.

I trust Attorney Nielsen and feel that he was looking out for me.

“I am writing with my testimonial about my experience with Attorney Chris Nielsen at The Nielsen Group. I was charged with a first offense OUI out of Portland. When I met Attorney Nielsen, I felt comfortable telling him anything about my case. I did not feel judged in any way, and I felt supported through the entire process. He educated me about the law and what was going to happen with my case at court.

The price he quoted me was fair and he stuck by his rate, and he never charged me more even when my case went through the court. As my lawyer, he was responsive and took my case where I wanted it to go. I trust Attorney Nielsen and feel that he was looking out for me. He was not afraid of the court process or the Justice or the District Attorney in Black.

As a professional with a State license, I was made well aware of the risks, and that they were checked into, as well as the possible impacts, and he turned over every stone to find out what might happen. He never backed down, and I appreciate all that he did for me.” – C. H.

Grizzly Bear in Court!

“I was falsely accused of carrying a concealed weapon in Portland. A friend found Mr. Nielsen in the middle of the night. I was skeptical in the beginning, but Mr. Nielsen turned out to be a grizzly bear in court. When he is in court, it is the same as combat to him. I would recommend him for any case. He will fight for your rights.” – D.M.

Job Well Done

“I just want to personally thank Mr. Nielsen for a job well done!  Your professionalism and true caring for my case was greatly appreciated.  Not only did Chris believe in my case but he convinced me to fight it instead of pleading guilty.  Chris got my case dismissed for me without me having to take one step into the courtroom.  This office has very reasonable pricing and an educated lawyer to help you make the correct decision with your legal matters.  I highly recommend The Nielsen Group if you feel that you are being taken advantage of or unfairly tried.  A great big thanks for bringing my charge to Justice and taking care of something that could have affected my professional goals of the next ten years.” – B.E

Prompt and Professional

“I would highly recommend Attorney Nielsen for a criminal matter. We engaged Attorney Nielsen for a criminal citation  of my daughter. From the moment I contacted his office we experienced prompt and professional responses. When I discussed  the case with him in my initial consultation, he gave me his advice and described the approach and possible outcomes. I  was very pleased that through his efforts, my daughter’s case was resolved before going to court and in the precise manner.  Attorney Nielsen had described as the optimal resolution! I could not have been more pleased in what he was able to accomplish as well as for the professionalism and respect he showed during the entire process.” – J.M.